The Extra Benefits of the Amazing Air Conditioner

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When the ball dropped on New Year’s Eve 2020, many of us had grand ideas about fresh starts and new slates. Little did we know that three months into the new year a global pandemic would shake the world. And as we’ve all cautiously maneuvered through the coronavirus crisis, making life adjustments as necessary, many of us have encountered more stress.

Sure, experts advise us to exercise more or try meditation and relaxation techniques to help balance our stress levels. But did you know that your air conditioner can help relieve stress, too? It’s true! Since Willis Carrier invented the air conditioner in 1902, it has provided all types of benefits to homeowners—some you might not even know about! But fear not. As the area’s leading air conditioning service expert in Phoenix, we’re here to let you in on the secret benefits of the totally cool air conditioner.


If you’ve ever wondered if your air conditioning did more than just cool you down, the answer is yes. Here are six awesome AC paybacks you probably never knew:

Helps with sleep. To ensure the best sleep possible, you can rely on a highly efficient air conditioning system. Why? A decent AC system will retain your body’s core temperature—even during a hot, desert summer. This enables you to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. As we all know, a good night’s sleep can do wonders to decrease one’s stress level.

Decreases risk of asthma attacks. According to the Mayo Clinic, air conditioningcan lower humidity inside your home as well as decrease pollen, mold and other airborne allergens—all which trigger asthma. So, turn on that AC and breathe easy!

Improves work performance. Don’t believe this? Try working from home with a faulty air conditioner during a hot July day. All of that extra sweat leads to feeling miserable. Turn the AC on and gain a clearer mind. Not only will this cool relief improve your work performance, but knowing you’re working efficiently helps alleviate job stress, too.

Preserves furniture and wood flooring. Air conditioning helps dehumidify your home —and less humidity helps prevent wood floors and furniture from warping.

Reduces fleas and insects. Air conditioning filters do a great job of filtering bugs out—especially fleas that often land on your pets. This protects Fido and keeps your house cleaner. To get the most out of your filters, be sure to change them every four to six months.

Protects your electronics. Excessive heat and humidity can cause major damage to your electronics. Overheated laptops, phones or TVs can be a real pain. Add cool AC to your home and always have your electronics safe.

Call Larson Air —We’ll Keep You Cool

There truly is nothing cooler than having a working AC system. And when you need air conditioning repair in your Scottsdale home, our team is willing and able to give your unit some professional TLC. Kick that desert summer to the curb and stay chill with premier HVAC service from your team at Larson Air Conditioning!

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