Simple Hacks for a Cozy Home this Season

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Even Scottsdale residents get chilly during the wintertime and find ourselves turning up our heating systems for cozy relief. When frosty temps invade your homey space, there is nothing quite like sweet heat to warm up your bones. But budget-conscious residents need to be careful with that dial. We all know that an increase in the monthly heating bill is never a welcome hit to your wallet—especially so soon after those post-holiday bills!

At Larson Air Conditioning, we’re homeowners, too. And we understand the need to stick to a budget. So, when we uncover simple tricks to keep heating costs down while also making your home cozier, we say: Why not? Whether you need a home energy audit in Scottsdale or tips on changing those air filters in Paradise Valley, your team of experts at Larson Air Conditioning is here to help!


So, you want to stay safe and warm? No problem. In honor of Valentine’s Day, we are sharing seven snuggly tips that will make your heart sing. These simple ideas will save you money and keep you cozy as you cuddle up with your sweetheart this month.

1. Schedule a home energy audit.

The best way to determine where your home is losing energy is with a professional home energy audit. Our pros will conduct a full home assessment, identify your home energy inefficiencies and recommend solutions that will work—guaranteed.

2. Use your fireplace.

If you have a wood-burning fireplace, why not use it? Fireplaces are a great way to not only heat your home, but help save on heating costs each winter.

3. Reverse those ceiling fans.

If your home is filled with ceiling fans, try reversing the blades in the winter. This helps push hot air from the ceiling closer to the floor.

4. Seal doors and windows.

Once again, a professional home energy audit will help pinpoint if drafty windows or unsealed doors are where you’re losing the most heat. For a quick fix, you can always place draft dodgers under doors or plastic film over windows.

5. Hang heavy, insulated curtains.

Invest in some insulated curtains to help trap heat inside. If you get direct sunlight in a particular room, open blinds during the day to allow the sun to heat up your room.

6. Use area rugs.

Is your home filled with hardwood or tile floors? These look great but they aren’t always good at keeping things warm. Throw down area rugs to help trap in some extra warmth.

7. Move furniture.

Make sure your furniture isn’t covering vents and blocking warm air from flowing freely.


With more than 13 years of HVAC experience, our technicians know the best tricks for conserving energy, saving money and staying warm. If you’d like the inside scoop on the best way to keep you cozy warm this winter, please give our award-winning company a call. We guarantee that a home energy audit is the first step in managing any energy issues you might have.

As always, our team is always here for any heating and cooling questions that pop up. From duct replacement in Scottsdale to heating installation in Phoenix, we’ll keep you cozy!

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