Improve Dad's Health on Father's Day With These 6 Tips

Father and son playing with toys inside house


June is pretty much all about Dad. Not only does Father’s Day roll around on June 21, but the nation also celebrates National Men’s Health Month! This honorary holiday is designed to encourage all dads—actually, all men—to take control of their health through eating right, exercising regularly and working to prevent any chronic conditions.

At Larson Air Conditioning, we want to do our part to help promote good health, especially during the summer months when Arizona’s dry weather can contribute to poor indoor air quality and respiratory problems. Fortunately, our team of HVAC experts is here with six tips that will keep your home safe and your men healthy this summer.


OK, Dads, listen up! We all love you, so here’s a combination of tips that will (1) boost your health and (2) satisfy your home’s indoor comfort this month—and all year long.

1. Get an AC Tune-Up.

This might sound obvious, but a seasonal AC tune-up in your Phoenix home could be just what the HVAC doctor ordered. While cooling checkups won’t help prevent disease, they will help prevent the need for regular repair calls. This  saves you money down the road and gives you peace of mind every day.

2. Upgrade your indoor air quality.

You spend up to 90 percent of your time indoors, which means the quality of your indoor air is critical. Eliminate home pollutants such as mold, pollen, dust, pet dander, chemicals, bacteria and other contaminants with the addition of an air purifier, air filtration system or a home ventilation system. You can easily reduce asthma, allergies and other respiratory issues simply by cleaning your indoor air with one of these workhorses.

3. Test your home for carbon monoxide & install a detector.

Carbon monoxide can be deadly. Known as “the silent killer,” the toxic fumes can cause all kinds of health problems and sometimes result in death! Larson provides carbon monoxide testing that lowers your family’s risk of CO exposure—keeping you healthy and safe.

4. Check in on your diet.

Are you eating right these days? Just a few simple tweaks can improve your health. Try little things like cutting out sugar from your coffee, eliminating those sodas from your daily lunch or adding more fruits and vegetables to your meals.

5. Set exercise goals.

Are you counting your daily steps these days? The Mayo Clinic recommends trying a combination of both aerobic exercise and strength training to maintain good health. Shoot for 30 minutes of moderate activity a few days a week and weight training at least two days. Any exercise is better than no exercise and will prolong your life. As always, clear any exercise program with your doctor first.

6. Know your risk factors.

Do you have certain genetic risk factors? Knowing your risks can help you prevent unwanted ailments. Talk to your doctor about risk factors and devise a plan to help fight off any diseases you might be prone to develop.

Let’s Keep Dad Around for a Long Time

Keeping Dad healthy and safe means he’ll be around for many years to come. If you need help keeping your home safe and clean, you can always rely on the team at Larson Air Conditioning for top quality maintenance, duct replacement, home energy audits and even air conditioning replacement in your Phoenix home. Call today!

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