115 Hot Reasons for a Phoenix AC Tune-Up

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As “spring” temperatures hit the 100s in May, coronavirus isn’t the only thing on our minds. Remember last year’s high of 115? While you’re following stay-at-home guidelines, Larson Air Conditioning will make sure your AC system can beat the heat. Scottsdale comfort is tough to come by in summer, but a spring HVAC tune-up will keep your family refreshed and productive—all season long.


With temperatures rising and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s social distancing recommendations governing our new pandemic reality, home comfort is more important than ever. There’s another benefit to AC tune-ups, though. Maintenance visits reduce energy waste, which helps families save money and tighten budgets during the tough coronavirus economy.

Most Arizona homeowners see electric bills leap in summer months, but professional home AC repair in Scottsdale boosts HVAC efficiency. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, simple filter changes can lower AC energy consumption up to 15 percent. Regular cooling service also prolongs HVAC system lifespans and staves off premature equipment replacement.

When it’s time to upgrade or replace your air conditioner, an ENERGY STAR-certified HVAC system with a smart thermostat makes good sense for the environment and your budget. Larson AC is certified by the Building Performance Institute, and owner Jared Larson helps Phoenix and Scottsdale customers choose high-efficiency HVAC systems that reduce electricity use, elevate comfort and minimize emissions.


Savings and sustainability are two great reasons to have your cooling equipment inspected for summer, and Larson reminds homeowners to call NOW for the best appointment times. Once the blazing heat arrives, our schedules fill up fast! To request AC repair in Scottsdale or inquire about spring AC checkups, call 480.428.0600 today.

Larson AC Takes CDC Precautions During the Coronavirus Pandemic

In the wake of COVID-19 restrictions, you may be required to work from home. That means indoor comfort is more vital than ever! During the pandemic, Larson AC is open for business and considered an essential service. Proudly serving Scottsdale and Phoenix, our home comfort team follows CDC guidelines and takes all necessary health and safety precautions. COVID-19 practices include:

  • Keeping a six-foot distance from others
  • Frequently sanitizing all facility surfaces & tools
  • Maintaining good hygiene & hand-washing techniques
  • Monitoring personal health & reporting symptoms
  • Requiring sick technicians to self-quarantine

Trust us to provide five-star home AC repair in Scottsdale while safeguarding your well-being and protecting your health. Request service online or call (480) 428-0600 for indoor air quality, AC maintenance and COVID-19 HVAC services.

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